Magic Nips [Archive]

          Magic Nips [Archive]

Here is some sexy files from either from the past, present, or future. So take a look at the files uploaded here if you want. If any links are broken, contact me on YouTube or something I guess.

Half-Life: Preliminary Demos

A mash up of the two Half-Life demos; Uplink, and Day one, with some re-made beta content to go along with it. This was forged together by the powers of dark sorcery for Steam, so I really wouldn't recommend using in on WON.


Half-Life: HL2 Pack

A big pack of models, sounds, sprites, textures, skyboxes, a tga flashlight, and watershader! Pretty cool pack for the novelty.

[WIP] -for candy-ass porting fags, link will 404

Go-Mod 4 (leak)

Go-Mod is a sandbox mod for Half-Life 1 (Goldsrc). At first it was kinda like Garrys Mod, but then do to ass-hats, they tried to make the mod more original during the 3.0+ releases. Then during the 4.0 development, another ass-hat leaked the files. It was removed shortly after, but I downloaded it before it got removed. That was about a year ago, and I doubt that they use this anymore. The link to Go-Mods site is [Here]

[Download] -Only for archive purposes, I think.

Half-Life: DC/OP4 Trailer Theme

The theme music that played during the Half-Life Dreamcast trailer, or the Opposing Forces teaser. Remastered in all its' glory!! (does NOT comes with cookies)


Incoming (Rage Software ©1997)

When my family bought our Windows 98 machine, it came along with a demo copy of Rage Software's, Incoming. It features 4 worlds and some really good arcade style shooting alien scum in military vehicles such as a tank, helicopter, jet, gunner. You even fly around in some of the alien's crafts, and turn their own weapons against them. Sadly around 2003, Rage closed down and this game faded away.

Now on Ebay, I've seen copies of this game to purchase for almost next to nothing, But they are always the demo versions. I managed to get a hold of the full version. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, Xp, Vista, and 7. (some times the game runs slow on Xp)